DATA driven FEE for time and energy measurement with highly segmented detector - course slides

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The course gives an introduction to integrated front end electronics for the free running readout of highly segmented detectors (pixel detector, microstrip, silicon photomultiplier).

All the presentations relative to the next International Workshop on Real time, self triggered front end electronics for multichannel detectors can be found here .


  • Architecture for integrated front-end
  • Low noise front-end amplifiers
  • High performance discriminators
  • Ultra-low power ADC
  • Low-power multi-channel TDC
  • FPGA implementation

25th November

Technology trends and architectures for data driven front-end [ PDF ]
Speaker: A. Rivetti - INFN

Front-end amplifiers in CMOS technologies [ PDF ]
Speaker: G. De Geronimo - BNL

Discriminator design [ PDF ]
Speaker: A. Rivetti - INFN

Fundamental of ADC conversion [ PDF ]
Speaker: M. Idzik - AGH

26th November

Low Power ADC design [ PDF ]
Speaker: M. Idzik - AGH

Data driven front-end: a case study [ PDF ]
Speaker: G. De Geronimo - BNL

TDC design and architectures [ PDF ]
Speaker: S. Mandai - TU Delft

Data driven, single photon counting detectors for X-ray [ PDF ]
Speaker: R. Dinapoli - PSI

Data driven monolithic pixel sensors [ PDF ]
Speaker: P. Giubilato - University of Padova

Front-end electronics for Time-of-Flight applications [ PDF ]
Speaker: M. Rolo - INFN and LIP

Key concepts in high speed data transmission [ PDF ]
Speaker: F. Tavernier - CERN

27th November

Introduction to FPGA architectures [ PDF ]
Design flow, tools for development and debug with FPGA [ PDF ]
Speaker: D. Falchieri - University of Bologna

Fast signal processing boards for radiation detectors [ PDF ]
Speaker: M. Corbo - CAEN

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