Verilog/VHDL simulation


Per Cadence Incisive invece la documentazione e' in


cd ~/cadence/doc
mkdir Incisive_10.20
cd Incisive_10.20
find /usr/cadence/Incisive_10.20/doc -name '*.pdf' -exec ln -s {} . \;

Overview of HDL simulators

Used in the WorkBook: Cadence Incisive environment, Xilinx ISE and ModelSim

Testbench generation

Nice website:

Cadence Incisive tutorial

Tutorial provided with the Cadence Incisive installation:

<install dir>/doc/iustutorial/iustutorial.pdf

Copy all necessary files in your local working area:

mkdir iustutorial
cd iustutorial
cp -r <install dir>/doc/iustutorial/examples/files .

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