Part I - Computing environment

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The first part of the WorkBook is intended to introduce basic information for newcomers about accessing computing resources and starting the EDA softwares licensed by INFN for the VLSI lab.

We start describing how to obtain a VLSI computing account and an INFN UNIX account, then focusing the attention on both hardware and software computing resources.
Next we provide a general overview about which tools are available for analog, mixed-mode and digital IC design and what are they for. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design will be introduced as well. It is not intended to be a detailed and exhaustive description of each tool, but rather a short description of the main components and features of each design platform.
At the end we will walk you through all the necessary steps for setting up your UNIX computing environment and running the different design platforms. Most of the information contained in this part of the WorkBook is specific for the computing environment at the University of Turin.

Certainly the main goal is to get you ready as soon as possible to start work and run the proposed WorkBook tutorials. However, a basic knowledge of the setup environment is fundamental in helping users to fix the most common problems by themselves.

VLSI tools run on UNIX/Linux operating systems only, therefore some familiarity with UNIX/Linux is necessary. Although a lot of online tutorials already exist, a basic UNIX tutorial has been included in the WorkBook to get you up to speed. It can be found in the WorkBook Appendix I.


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