Computing FAQs

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Do I have root privileges for my VLSI computing account ?
System administration is not duty of VLSI users, hence you don't have Linux administrator privileges on VLSI machines, nor through the sudo command. If you need to install any optional softwares, please contact the VLSI system administrator (remove NOSPAM in the address).

What about machine shutdowns and reboots ?
Machines part of the VLSI cluster are always running, providing a 24/7/365 service. In general, different users might have important jobs running on the same machine. Thus if you are physically working in the VLSI lab never shutdown yourself a machine at the end of your session work! Just perform a logout instead.

Machine reboots migh be required in case of crashes, hangs or freezes, but always address your request to the VLSI system administrator before (, remove NOSPAM in the address).

Cadence hangs or freezes, what can I do ?
Kill all your Cadence processes and restart Cadence. Contact the VLSI system administrator.

SSH hangs on exit
You type exit at the command line to end an ssh -X remote session but the shell hungs on the client side and you have to kill it with Ctrl + C. This can occur when there is still an active background process.

Last update: Luca Pacher - Apr 5, 2013