Physical verification using Calibre

  • Introduction
  • Documentation
  • Environment setup
  • Calibre DRC
  • Calibre LVS
  • Calibre xRC
  • Introduction
  • Environment setup
  • Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • Layout Versus Schematic (LVS)
  • Parasitic Extraction (PEX)


Google for 'calibre cadence'

Main web reference from

Calibre interfaces with both Cadence IC (Virtuoso) and Cadence EDI (Encounter)

Official references and videos from Mentor website:

How to add Calibre menu in Cadence IC

cd ~/cadence/tech_dir
mkdir calibre
cd calibre
mkdir drc lvs pex
source /usr/local/config/mentor_config/Calibre_2010.rc

Ensure that in the .cdsinit_tech there is a line

setenv MGC_HOME /path/to/Calibre/installation/directory 


Load Calibre interface into Cadence Virtuoso

load(strcat(mgc_home "/shared/pkgs/icv/tools/queryskl/calibre.skl"))


load( strcat( getShellEnvVar("MGC_HOME") "/lib/calibre.skl" ))

Load Calibre interface into Cadence Encounter

calibre -gui &

Create a Calibre DRC run directory runset,

cd ~/cadence/tech_dir/calibre/drc
mkdir data rules runsets
cd rules
cp /path/to/technology/calibre/drc/rule/file drc.rules.default

Layout Editor L ⇒ Calibre ⇒ Run DRC

Depending on your predefinite configuration a Load Runset File window may apperar at the Calibre startup

Spiegare cos'e' un runset file

Modify this preferences through Setup ⇒ Preferences..

deselect the Show Load Runset dialog in the Startup tab and check the Don't load a runset option.

Specificare il path completo del rules file del tipo


e come run directory mettere


To start the DRC left click the Run DRC button

Compare una DRC Summary Report window

Save everything to a runset file with

File ⇒ Save Runset As…

cd ~/cadence/tech_dir/calibre/lvs
mkdir runsets
cp /path/to/technology/calibre/lvs/rule/file calibre.lvs.default

Layout Editor L ⇒ Calibre ⇒ Run LVS

Web resources:

Layout Editor L ⇒ Calibre ⇒ Run PEX

calibre -gui -pex &

Fatto bene…

Generating HTML reports from Calibre RVE

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