Noise analyses using Cadence

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  • Introduction
  • AC noise analysis
  • Transient noise analysis

NOTA! Non ho bisogno di mettere dei valori al generatore, solo specificare quale e' il generatore di input

noise is a small-signal analysis, like ac. The circuit is linearized about an operating point to compute the transfer function from the noise generators to the output.

computes the transfer function from the specified source to the output, and then divides the output noise by that transfer function.

you need to have a current or voltage source (even if it is dc, with zero-value), and then you need to indicate this source when you specify the noise analysis. You're telling the noise analysis which source is the input of the circuit.

ADE L ⇒ Analyses ⇒ Choose …

Noise analysis setup window:

Specify start and stop frequencies (typically from 1 mHz to 100 GHz works fine), sweep type (linear or logarithmic)

Transient noise does a regular transient analysis, but then uses the noise equations to inject random amounts of charge (or voltage) and attempts to compute the full nonlinear response in the presence of noise.

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