Running simulations using OCEAN


Fondamentale perche' e' la sintassi del Calculator!

youtube video here

Starting point? Beh, registrare una macro da ADE!

ADE L ⇒ Session ⇒ Save Ocean Script… con estensione .ocn

Poi lo script puo' essere eseguito dalla command line della CIW !


Tutta la documentazione si trova in


mentre esempi di codice sono in


cd ~/cadence/tutorials
mkdir src
cd src
ln -s /usr/cadence/IC_6.1.5/tools/dfII/samples/artist/OCEAN ocean_samples  

the README file gives a brief description of the directory contents

Wiki tutorial here

ocean [-nograph]
ocean>    => OCEAN prompt
ocean> ocnHelp()
ocean> ocnHelp( "<command>" )


ocean> ocnHelp( "tran" )

PROTOTYPE       tran( g_fromValue g_toValue g_byValue ) =>

                tran( g_toValue)=> undefined/nil

DESCRIPTION     Specifies a transient analysis with limited
                options. If other analysis options are needed, use the
                analysis command.
NOTE            The second instance of the tran command is valid 
                only with the Spectre®  circuit simulator 

                tran( 1u)

                Specifies a transient analysis to 1u for the Spectre® 
                Circuit Simulator

                tran( 0 1u 1n ) => 1e-09

ocean> (fatto molto bene!)

Sample OCEAN macros comes with Cadence IC itself under


Simulation setup

:!: Note

netlist netlistHeader and netlistFooter files are mandatory!!!!topic/comp.cad.cadence/HzcvLFQALoY

ocean> simulator('spectre)
ocean> design("/path/to/spectre/main/netlist")
ocean> resultsDir("/where/you/want/to/put/results/")
   '("/path/to/model/file" "section")
   '("/path/to/model/file" "section")

Design variables

desVar( "varName" value )
desVar( "varName1" value1 "varName2" value2 ... )


varName( "varName1" value1 )
varName( "varName2" value2 )


analysis('type ?option1 value1 ?option2 value2 ...)
analysis('tran ?start 0 ?stop 10u ?step 10n)

Parametric analysis

Don't use the run() command! Use paramRun() !!!

Process corners simulations

Sample scripts:


Monte Carlo simulations

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