Spartan 3A/3AN tests (Windows/Linux)

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USB cable on Linux

  • plug the A connector to PC
  • plug the B connector to the board
  • power on the board
$ lsusb 
Bus 002 Device 004: ID 03fd:000d Xilinx, Inc.

Ok, hardware is recognized. But the USB LED is OFF. The proper driver is missing.

USB drivers installation?

From <install dir>/.xinstall/install.log file:

--Installing cable drivers.
--Driver versions in this package: windrvr=1301, xpc4drvr=1041
--Script name = /home/pacher/local/opt/xilinx/14.6/ISE_DS/common/bin/lin/install_script/install_drivers/install_drivers

Driver install sources and documentation:

<install dir>/common/bin/lin/install_script/install_drivers/

Readme file:

<install dir>/common/bin/lin/install_script/install_drivers/readme.txt

Install script (sh/bash script):

<install dir>/common/bin/lin/install_script/install_drivers/install_drivers

For /sbin/fxload:

sudo rpm -i fxload-2008_10_13-3.el6.i686.rpm

Device DNA reader

mkdir sources
unzip -d sources/

Out-of-the box firmware download to the board: on Windows you can simply run the install_device_DNA_reader.bat batch script from a command prompt (Xilinx ISE executables must be included in the default system search path!)

cd C:\path\to\install_device_DNA_reader.bat

:!: Note
On Windows the proper runtime environment is set by running the settings32.bat batch script!

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