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The main purpose of this Wiki is to provide a simple environment for

  • documenting and sharing information between designers and collaborators
  • providing support and training for newcomers.

Sharing experience and know-how can increase the productivity of everyone. These pages aim to collect whatever can make the daily work a bit easier. The Wiki would also become the primary source of documentation about VLSI lab research activities.

For the most part, Wiki pages are public and anyone can read them browsing the Web. Confidential and restricted information can be put into a private area instead. A username and an authentication password are required both for editing pages and accessing the protected area. All VLSI lab users can obtain a Wiki account. Once the account has been created, the authentication uses the same INFN UNIX account login credentials.

The Wiki has just begun to take form and it should be always considered a work in progress. In order to keep trace of present and past design activities, dedicated project pages have been created. They are meant to provide public documentation (links to papers, meetings, contacts etc.) as well as private user support, helping users in their reserach work. The Wiki offers also a list of publications related to VLSI lab design and test activities.

Wiki pages can be created and modified using the simple and easy to learn DokuWiki interface. Contributing to pages is certainly not mandatory, aware that it cannot become a time consuming stuff for a professional researcher. If you are interested in contributing to the documentation, you can learn the basic formatting syntax just in a few minutes (no HTML knowledge is required). Don't forget to read the Wiki policies and guidelines before getting started in adding or editing pages and never put confidential and restricted information on Wiki public pages !

Last update: Luca Pacher - Sep 10, 2013