Guidelines for master and PhD disserations

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Quick code references and guidelines for your master or PhD dissertations in LaTex.

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Sources organization

It is a good practice to split your work into separate .tex files for each component (abstract, chapters etc.) and use the \input{} statement to include different sources in a main .tex file (e.g. thesis.tex),







Cover and first page for PhD thesis phd_thesis_cover.tex.gz


LaTex article and report classes provide a built-in abstract environment,


When using the book class you can use an unordered \chapter*{} statement indeed,


Table of contents

A table of contents is automatically generated by LaTex with a \tableofcontents statement.



Appendices, glossary and references close the thesis.


Appendices are created with the \appendix command and work as any LaTex chapters, with the possibility of using sections, subsections etc.

% Appendix A
\chapter{Appendix A title}  
% Appendix B
\chapter{Appendix B title}

Any new \chapter{} statement will result in a new appendix with a default ordering A, B, C etc.


Useful to collect the list of acronyms…

References (Bibliography)

Built-in environment: thebibliography

External tool: BibTeX (now BibLaTex)

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