Layout (an introduction)

  • Introduction
  • Tools overview and documentation
  • Basic layout techniques


You should refer to specific IC layout textbooks for layout design theory and practice guidelines. Moreover refer to your specific technology documentation (e.g. design manual)

See also

Learning analog layout from scratch could be a pain without adequate guidelines and references.

Good textbooks have been collected here.

Tools overview and relative documentation

  • Introduction
  • Virtuoso Layout Editor L/XL
  • Cadence verification tools
    • Diva
    • Assura
  • Mentor Graphics Calibre verification tool

Open source tools: LayoutEditor.

Instalation directory:



cd ~/cadence/doc
mkdir Assura_4.10
cd Assura_4.10
find /usr/cadence/Assura_4.10oa-615/doc -name '*.pdf' -exec ln -s {} . \;

Virtuoso Layout Editor (VLE) L/XL

Documentation in


Calibre has become de facto industry standard for physical layout verification.

Main installation directory in



cd ~/cadence/doc
mkdir Calibre_10.20
cd Calibre_10.20
find /usr/mentor/docs/docs_cal_2010.3_19.12/docs/pdfdocs -name '*.pdf' -exec ln -s {} . \;


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