Presentations with LaTex


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Basic information about creating slides with LaTex and beamer




   \frametitle{Slide title}


   \frametitle{Slide title}

Preamble/outline of contents

It is possible to add a frame with the outline/index of the topics.


or, simply


Body structure

Timed/highlithed lists

\item<1-| alert@1> Suppose $p$ were the largest prime number.
\item<2-> Let $q$ be the product of the first $p$ numbers.
\item<3-> Then $q+1$ is not divisible by any of them.
\item<1-> Thus $q+1$ is also prime and greater than $p$.\qedhere


It doesn't change anything from the other LaTeX classes. So, if you want to include some pictures, use the usual packages




and the usual code:

{ \frametitle{Include a picture in your slideshow}	
\caption{Caption of the picture I want to include.}

and also for tables:

{ \frametitle{Include a table in your slideshow}	
\begin{tabular}{|c|c|c|} \hline \hline
Flowers & Fruits & Trees\\ \hline \hline
Rose & Apple &  Pine \\
Daisy & Orange &  Oak\\ \hline \hline
\caption{Table example.}

See also this section.


Here, there's no difference from the usual LaTeX classes, too.

See also this section.

You have to use the hyperref package in your main source preamble:



\href{file.jpeg}{Link to a picture}


\href{file.pdf}{Link to a pdf file}

Insert web content dynamically (javascript)


Default themes

If no theme is specified (or \usetheme{default} is specified), your presentation will be appear simply empty. Otherwise, you can use some predefined themes, such as:

\usetheme{Rochester} %[ works best as \usetheme[height=7mm]{Rochester} ]

Other themes

Customizing themes


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